Teleflex CDC-45052-VPS2 PICC Kit-Price is for a Case of 3 Kits

Part # CDC-45052-VPS2 Exp 9/19

Teleflex CDC-45052-VPS2 PICC Kit also known as Arrowg+ard Blue Advance PICC is pre-loaded with Arrow VPS Precision Stylet, AGBA PICC/DELTA FG: 2-L 5.5 FR X 50 CM

Teleflex CDC-45052-VPS2 PICC Kit Includes:

1Two-Lumen TaperFree® Catheter with Arrowg+ard Blue Advance™ Antimicrobial/Antithrombogenic Protection1: 5.5 Fr. x 50 cm Pressure Injectable with Blue FlexTip®Feature, Arrow® VPS Precision™ Stylet, Tuohy-Borst Adapter±, Marking Device, and Console Pointers
1GlideThru™ Peel-Away Sheath: 5.5 Fr. x 2-3/4″ (7 cm) Radiopaque over 5.5 Fr. Dilator
1Spring-Wire Guide, Nitinol, Marked: .018″ (0.46 mm) dia. x 17-3/4″ (45 cm) (Straight Soft Tip on One End – Straight Stiff Tip on Other) with Arrow Advancer
1Injection Needle: SafetyGlide™2 25 Ga. x 5/8″ (1.60 cm) RW
1Safety Introducer Needle: Echogenic 21 Ga. x 2-3/4″ (7 cm) TW
1Blunt Fill Needle: 18 Ga. x 1-1/2″ (3.81 cm)
1Introducer Needle: Echogenic 21 Ga. x 2-3/4″ (7 cm) TW
1Syringe: 10 mL Luer-Lock
1Syringe: 3 mL Luer-Lock
1Skin Protectant Prep Pad (non-sterile solution)
410 mL Luer-Lock Pre-Filled Saline Syringe
15 mL 1% Lidocaine HCl Solution and Alcohol Prep (non-sterile solution)
13 mL Applicator 2% CHG and 70% IPA ChloraPrep®3 One-Step Solution (non-sterile solution)
13 mL Applicator 2% CHG and 70% IPA ChloraPrep®3 One-Step Solution with Hi-Lite Orange™ Tint (non-sterile solution)
2Dust Cap: Non-Vented
1SecondSite™ Adjustable Hub: Fastener
1SecondSite™ Adjustable Hub: Catheter Clamp
1SharpsAway® Disposal Cup
1SharpsAway II™ Locking Disposal Cup
1Catheter Trimmer
1Towel: 24″ x 36″ (61 cm x 91 cm)
1Drape: 60″ x 76″ (152 cm x 193 cm)
1Drape: 36″ x 41″ (91 cm x 104 cm) with 3″ x 5″ (8 cm x 13 cm) fenestration
1Safety Scalpel: #11
1Sterile Procedure Sign
1Patient ID Card
1Chart Sticker
1Patient Information Booklet
1Medication Label: 1% Lidocaine
1Checklist/CLIP Sheet
1Flow Rate Information Card with Injection Log
2Paper Tape Measure
1Foam Electrodes (3 per pack)
2Gauze Pad(s): 3″ x 3″
10Gauze Pad: 2″ x 2″ (5 cm x 5 cm)
10Gauze Pad: 4″ x 4″ (10 cm x 10 cm)
1Dressing: Tegaderm®4 15.5 cm x 10 cm
1Surgical Apparel: Impervious Gown
1Dressing: BIOPATCH®5
1Dressing: STATLOCK®6 Catheter Stabilization Device
1Surgical Apparel: Mask with Eye Shield
1Surgical Apparel: Bouffant Cap
1Surgical Apparel: Mask
1Tape: Steri-Strip®4
1HemoHopper® Fluid Receptacle

Although Teleflex CDC-45052-VPS2 PICC Kit have an expiration date of September of 2019 it is not for human use in the US. Due to liability costs in the US it is for export or research in the US.

This product is in perfect sealed condition.

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