SurgiWrap Bioresorbable Sheet 180mm x 280mm, 0.05mm Thickness

Part # 27506-01 Exp 7/10


SurgiWrap Bioresorbable Sheet’s polymer material is fabricated from essentially the same lactic acid molecular building blocks that occur naturally in the human body. The polymers, which result from lactic acid derivatives, are generally referred to as PLA or polylactide. The SurgiWrap® Bioresorbable Sheet is made from an amorphous bioresorbable copolymer of 70:30 Poly(L-lactide-co-D,L-lactide).

The degradation of polylactide polymer (PLA) occurs in two phases:

Water penetrates the implant and severs the polymer chains into smaller units Individual lactide molecules are metabolized in the liver into CO2 and H2O and excreted or exhaled


Safe resorbtion and metabolization with minimal risk of inflammatory reaction Impermeable

Maintains an impermeable sheet between opposing soft tissues

Retains tensile strength for 6-8 weeks ensuring tissue separation during the critical wound healing period

Repositionable in a wet environment

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