Stryker Dall Miles Cable Sleeve Set

2.0mm Vitallium Alloy

Part # 6704-0-510 Exp 11/14

In 1985, the world’s first multi-filament orthopaedic cable, Dall-Miles was introduced by Stryker as a means of providing fixation for trochanteric reattachment procedures. Representing a single system for bridging reconstruction and trauma needs, the Stryker Dall Miles Cable Sleeve Set continues to set the clinical standard in cable fixation not only for trochanteric reattachment, but also for prophylactic and supplementary cerclage fixation with plates and screws.

The combination of select materials and the patented process1 for braiding wires into multi-filament cable gives Dall-Miles cables remarkable ductility and the right balance of fatigue strength and tensile strength.

Patented manufacturing processes are based on test results showing a trade-off in cable fatigue performance that comes with excessive cable tensile strength. With Dall-Miles, Howmedica Osteonics has perfected a production method of relieving stress on the high tensile wire to reduce its tensile strength (thereby increasing its fatigue strength), and another method to cold work fully annealed wire to an optimum level of cold reduction for maximum fatigue and tensile strengths.

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