SPF-Plus 60M Bone Growth Stimulator | EBI-Biomet

Part # 10-1398M Exp 7/16, 4/13

The SPF-Plus 60M Bone Growth Stimulator an implantable electrical stimulation device that has been shown to increase the probability of fusion success . Electrical stimulation adjunctive therapies have been used for more than 30 years to promote spinal fusion.

Backed by clinical studies, the SpF Stimulator is a proven, safe and effective adjunctive treatment that increases the probability of the healing of your fusion.

SPF-Plus 60M Bone Growth Stimulator produces a direct current signal at the fusion site, is designed to mimic the body’s natural healing mechanism, that signals for bone growth to occur. Two thin wires known as “cathodes” are connected to a low-profile electrical generator near your surgical site. Upon implantation, the SpF® Stimulator is automatically activated and begins to deliver therapeutic treatment. The SpF® Stimulator requires no maintenance during the course of your treatment and is virtually unnoticeable.

In Perfect sealed condition but past expiration date. Not for human use in the US.

Expiration dates have mostly to do with sterilization and not the integrity of the product. The manufacturers sterilize the products after they are packaged and it lasts so many years. The only products we caution customers about are ones that are absorbable or drug coated.

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