Merit Medical EN2007030 En Snare 7F

Part # EN2007030 Exp 10/17, 9/17

The Merit Medical EN2007030 En Snare system is designed with three interlaced loops to retrieve and manipulate foreign objects in the body. The EN Snare can be used to retrieve inferior vena cava filters, reposition indwelling venous catheters, fibrin sheath stripping, or to assist in central venal access venipuncture. Super elastic Nitinol provides flexibility, kink resistance, and torque control. The Merit Medical EN2007030 En Snare is designed to rotate and expand for excellent coverage and retrieval within a variety of vessel sizes. Platinum strands are incorporated into the EN Snare loops for excellent visualization under fluoroscopy.
Interlaced Nitinol Loops designed to resist prolapse and improve capture by allowing the snare to move as a single-unit through the vessel.
Embedded Radiopaque Marker Band identifies the snare delivery catheter’s precise location under imaging.
Improved Vessel Navigation facilitated by 15 degree curved tip on 6F and 7F snare delivery catheters.
High Performance Snare Delivery Catheter designed for strength and to minimize the potential for kinking and buckling.
Enhanced Visualization provided by platinum strands incorporated into the loops

In Perfect sealed condition but past expiration date. Not for human use in the US.

Expiration dates have mostly to do with sterilization and not the integrity of the product. The manufacturers sterilize the products after they are packaged and it lasts so many years. The only products we caution customers about are ones that are absorbable or drug coated.

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