Marquette Max 1 Stress System w T2000 Treadmill

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The Marquette Max 1 Stress System is an older system that was very popular in the US. Provides the same information as new systems. Has the same protocols, same calculations, just not as fancy graphs and screen.

Priced Right for the export markets. Excellent system for the export markets.

The Marquette Max 1 Stress System is thoroughly gone through by factory trained technicians with a checklist. Each part of the system is evaluated on a pass or fail basis, the system is then brought up to manufacturer specifications and comes with a 90 day warranty.

Marquette Max-1 Stress System Specifications

Interpretive Stress Test with Treadmill
Patient cables digitizes the signal at the patient, eliminating analog cable noise
Contacts resist corrosion and ensure optimal signal Quality Median update helps assure all measurements, including ST segments, are made upon true morphology
Technician friendly interface. Select standard or customized protocols.

Marquette Max 1 Stress System Display

Size: 30.48 cm (48 in) diagonal.
Type: high-resolution, raster written.
Frequency response: 0.01 to 40 Hz, 0.01 to 20 Hz,user-selectable.
Number of traces: 3 rhythmleads.
Marquette Max 1 Stress System Sweep speed: 25 mm/s.
Sweep speed accuracy: ±2%.
ECG rhythm: 7.5 s/lead.
Leads: user-selectable.
Recall reports: 10s of 6 user-selectable leads.
Marquette Max 1 Stress System Displayed data: heart rate, target heart rate, blood pressure, total exercise time clock, stage clock, 4 current median complexes, treadmill speed and grade, ventricular ectopic/minute counter, 3 channels of rhythm, protocol and stage of exercise, warning messages and prompts.

Marquette Max 1 Stress System Digital sampling rate: 250 Hz. A/D conversion: 12 bits. Chassis leak age current: <100 mA(meets AAM I standards SCL 1278). Marquette Max 1 Stress System Processing: ST level and slope determination: up to 15 leads. Medians: incremental updating with elimination of artifact and aberrance in all leads. Marquette Max 1 Stress System ST level measurement: manually selectable post J point. Heart rate: 16-beat sliding average updated every beat; minimum 35 beats/min, maximum 300 beats/min. QRS detection: band-pass filtered composite of three user-selectable leads. Arrhythmia: automatic detection and documentation. Marquette Max 1 Stress System Input Channels: simultaneous acquisition of up to 15 channels. Impendence: 100 M1/2, defibrillator-protected. Dynamic range: ±320 mVDC. Electrode offset tolerance: ±320 mVDC. Marquette Max 1 Stress System Output Standard outputs: one analog output , one wave form output, one TTL output with variable pulse width, polarity and delay, QRS beep Marquette Max 1 Stress System Writer Method: therma l dot array (horizontal 1000 dots/in at 25 mm/s, vertical 200 dots/in). Channels: 6, user selectable. Frequency response: 0.01 to 100 Hz, 0.01 to 40 Hz, 0.01 to 20 Hz, user-selectable. Sensitivity: 5,10, and 20 mm/mV. Paper speed: 5,12.5, 25,and 50 mm/s, user-selectable. Paper style: thermal, perforated, 21.59 cmx 27.94 cm x (8.55″ x 11″), Zfold, 300 sheets/pack. Marquette Max 1 Stress System Acquisition Module Analog Sampling rate: 2000 Hz . Microprocessor-controlled: 10 IEC and AHA color-coded lead wires standard, 14 lead wires optional; (additional lead wires user-definable) Marquette Max 1 Stress System Keypads Control panel: contains manual treadmill, test/procedures, and report controls. Alphanumeric keyboard: with TRIM KNOB for blood pressure, patient demographics, and impressions entry Marquette Max 1 Stress System Reports Classical 12-lead: note: reports can be transferred to the NUSE network by diskette. Incrementally averaged medians: with real-time rhythm and ST level; user-selectable in two formats. 3- or 6-channel rhythm strips: available for real-time, recall or arrhy thmia documentation (leads user-selectable). Marquette Max 1 Stress System Tabular presentation of final report data including: phase, stage, speed, grade, heart rate, blood pressure, rate-pressure product, ectopic, maximum ST depression, and physician’s impressions. Sample cardiac cycles: presented at user-defined intervals. Trend graph: heart rate, ST levels, ST slopes,blood pressure, PVCs/m. Marquette Max 1 Stress System Physical Specs Height: 154.94 cm (61 in).Width: 62.23 cm (24.5 in). Depth: 71.12 cm (28 in). Weight: 54.48 kg (120 lbs)