Gore BIO-A Hernia Plug HP02

12 x 45mm

Part # HP02 Exp 12/17

Gore BIO-A Hernia Plug HP02 is a proven synthetic, bioabsorbable device that promotes tissue response and reduces complications associated with permanent implants in soft tissue repair.

Surgeons count on the Gore BIO-A Hernia Plug HP02 to deliver a host of advantages that include:
Innovative Design: Made from a non-woven web of polyglycolic acid:trimethylene carbonate (PGA:TMC) fibers that form a 3D matrix of open, highly interconnected pores
Full Absorption: This product absorbs fully and heals naturally with the material replaced by tissue at 1:1 ratio1
Tissue Generation: Tubes fill the defect, enabling tissue generation for long-term reinforcement with no permanent material left behind
Easy Introduction: Customizable and trimmed to surgeon’s preferred technique

The plug is a bioabsorbable scaffold that is intended for use in the reinforcement of soft tissue procedures like umbilical hernia repair, inguinal hernia repair, and trocar port site closures. We offer this product in a single configuration designed to reinforce most defects

Although this item has an expiration date December of 2017 it is not for human use in the US. Due to liability costs in the US it is for export or research in the US.

This product is in perfect sealed condition.

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