GIA8038S: Covidien GIA Stapler DST Technology

80mm Length-3.8mm Staple Size

Part # GIA8038S Exp 2/20

Product is in perfect condition but is not in sealed packaging- Plastic packaging is open. Not for human use in the US.

The DST Technology places two double staggered rows of titanium staples and simultaneously cut and divide tissue between the two double rows.

GIA8038S: Covidien GIA Stapler with DST Technology has proven to improve the performance, reliability and manufactureability GIA Series Staplers. The effectiveness of Directional Staple Technology in other staples will be assessed as these products are developed.

During surgery, surgeons may encounter applications that may challenge traditional surgical staplers. Directional Staple Technology was designed to deliver improved clinical performance in these challenging situations. The technology incorporates two components: the use of NEW staple wire that bends more consistently and reliably in the plane that it is supposed to; and a redesigned anvil geometry that provides a large target area for the staple to form. The outcome that you see when you fire a nEW GIA8038S: Covidien GIA Stapler Stapler is more consistent and reliable staple formation.



Tear Drop Anvil/Strongest Beam AvailableReduces deflection, eliminates pin, improves staple formation.
Lock Lever on Cartridge SideImproved access.
Ergonomic Inlay GripsBetter control.
Rear HingeOne-handed positioning.
Adjustable Firing KnobVersatility – may be fired from either side.
Pinless for atraumatic placementAvoids trauma associated with placement pin.
Directional Staple TechnologyImproved staple formation and staple line security, especially in challenging applications.

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