GE Aestiva 5 w 7900 Smart Ventilator-Refurbished

PSV-Pro, SIMV, Volume & Pressure Control

Refurbished by Factory Trained Technicians

Integrated Breathing System
The Aestiva breathing circuit is integrated, which helps protect the components from damage and disconnection.
Smart sensors and switches link communication between the breathing circuit and the SmartVent ventilator.
SmartVent ventilator patient breathing system with circle module O2 and N2O gas delivery

GE Aestiva 5 Anesthesia Machine – Refurbished

A reliable, cost-effective anesthesia machine providing a full line of features for clinicians in a design plan that integrates quality architecture and an innovative breathing system.

With the Smartvent feature included, the Aestiva offers different vent modes to bring flexibility and optimization to the operating room for adult, neonatal, and compromised patients.

The 7900 Smartvent offers Volume and Pressure Mode ventilation. It can be upgraded to include Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) with Pressure Support and Pressure Support with Apnea backup (PSVPro), tidal volume compensation, electronic PEEP, and a cardiac bypass case mode.

The architecture of the GE Aestiva 5 is an open system with a lower overall height that can be configured to individual specifications. It can be configured with two or three vaporizers, different shelf and drawer combinations with top shelf locking, and a folding side shelf.

The innovative breathing system features a “no tools” disassembly of components that are autoclavable and latex-free. This system helps to protect components from becoming disconnected or damaged.

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