Ethicon XR30V Reloads-Box of 12 Pieces, Proximate Vascular Linear Reloads

Part # XR30V Exp 3/20

Ethicon XR30V Reloads Cartridge Color White

Number of Stapled Rows 3

Tissue Thickness Vascular

Open Staple Height 2.5 mm

Ethicon XR30V Reloads Closed Staple Height 1.0 mm

Ethicon is working to redefine surgery to change the world for the better. Share an enduring commitment to advance surgical care so more patients live longer, more fulfilling lives. This commitment is founded upon three key ideas:

· Partnering with customers to deliver more meaningful solutions

· Expanding patients’ access to care globally

· Making a lasting difference in communities around the world

Although this item has an expiration date March 2020 it is not for human use in the US. Due to liability costs in the US it is for export or research in the US.

This product is in perfect sealed condition.

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