Ethicon ECS33A Curved Intraluminal Stapler

Part # ECS33A Exp 9/17

• Ethicon ECS33A Curved Intraluminal Stapler Adjustable Height Staple Technology enables b-form staple over the widest range of compressed tissue thickness
• Tissue compression scale for controlled compression based on tissue conditions
• Controlled closure knob with dual stage closing mechanism for quick closure while maintaining fine adjustment of the tissue gap
• Solid, fixed anvil for predictable interaction with tissue
• Breakaway washer for distinct tactile and audible feedback during firing
• Non-slip grip delivers increased comfort and control
Shaft Length: 28cm
Adjustable Closed Staple Height: 1.0-2.5mm
Head Diameter: 33mm
Lumen 24.4mm
Open Leg Length: 5.5mm

Ethicon ECS33A Curved Intraluminal Stapler is loaded with 28 Titanium Adjustable height Staples Dimensions before Closure 4mm X 5.5mm

• The Ethicon Circular Stapler (ILS) with its controlled tissue compression and Adjustable Height Staple Technology is designed to deliver optimal compression needed for a secure anastomosis and effective perfusion to promote healing

• Ethicon ECS33A Curved Intraluminal Stapler Continuously smooth anvil shaft creates less excess tissue draw during anvil closure compared to the Covidien DST Series EEA

• Fixed anvil design causes less tension on the anastomosis with less strain on the staple line during opening compared to the Covidien DST Series EEA2

• Breakaway washer provides 5x more tactile feedback and 16x more audible feedback compared to the Covidien DST
Series EEA3

Applicable specialties

• Bariatric
• Colorectal
• General

In Perfect sealed condition but but past expiration date. Not for human use in the US.

Expiration dates have mostly to do with sterilization and not the integrity of the product. The manufacturers sterilize the products after they are packaged and it lasts so many years. The only products we caution customers about are ones that are absorbable or drug coated.

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