Ethicon ECR45M Reloads-Box of 12 Pieces/Reloads

Part # ECR45M Exp 8/21, 7/21, 3/21, 1/21, 3/20, 10/19, 6/19, 5/18

Reload Color: Gray Number of Stapled Rows: 6 Tissue Thickness: Mesentery/Thin

Open Staple Height: 2.0mm Closed Staple Height: .75mm 12 Reloads per Box

Ethicon ECR45M Reloads are used for the ECHELON FLEX ENDOPATH 45mm stapler used for general, gynecologic, urologic, thoracic, and pediatric surgical procedures.

Although this item has an expiration date in 2021 and 2018 it is not for human use in the US. Due to liability costs in the US it is for export or research in the US.

This product is in perfect sealed condition.

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