Depuy 283901915 Confidence Spinal Cement Biopsy Needle 15G x 9″

Part # 283901915 Exp 10/20, 5/19

The 15 gauge biopsy needle consists of a needle and stylet intended for use through an 11 gauge or 13 gauge introducer needle. The Depuy 283901915 Confidence Spinal Cement Biopsy Needle is an integral part of the Confidence Spinal Cement System.

The CONFIDENCE System is part of a complete procedural solution for the personalized treatment of vertebral compression fractures. The a la carte offering allows for maximum economy, flexibility and precise surgical planning.

The Depuy 283901915 Confidence Spinal Cement System Biopsy Needle is intended for percutaneous delivery of CONFIDENCE Spinal Cement, which is indicated for fixation of pathological fractures of the vertebral body during vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty procedures. Painful vertebral compression fractures may result from osteoporosis, benign lesions (hemangioma), and malignant lesions (metastatic cancer, myeloma).

Although this item has an expiration dates in 2020 and 2019 it is not for human use in the US. Due to liability costs in the US it is for export or research in the US.

This product is in perfect sealed condition.

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