Constellation Vision System | Alcon


*Articulating Arm and Tray

*Integrated Pure Point 532 Laser

*Primary and back up Xenon light source illumination

*Hi Speed 5,000 cpm vitrectomy probe

*Duty cycle control

*integrated Pressure infusion

Full-function vitreoretinal system with complete posterior segment and anterior segment procedure capabilities

The Constellation Vision System ULTRAVIT vitrectomy probe with duty cycle control provides high speed cutting and the ability to modify duty cycle for flow control independent of vacuum and cutting

• Advanced Xenon Illuminator provides state of the art illumination for visualizing tissues

• Embedded 532nm PUREPOINT Laser offers advanced laser technology controlled from the CONSTELLATION® Vision System screen for an integrated surgical experience

• V-LOCITY® Efficiency Components including EnGauge RFID* , Auto-infusion Valve, Auto Gas Fill and the Articulating Tray Arm are designed to optimize OR setup and enhance the surgical experience

• 17”Articulating touch panel screen with advanced GUI (Graphic User Interface) and video DFUs (Directions for Use)

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