Arthrex AR-1588-35 Retrobutton 12mm x 35mm Loop

Part # AR-1588-35 Exp 7/17

The Arthrex AR-1588-35 Retrobutton 12mm x 35mm Loop is comprised of a graft loop and a metal button and used for fixation of bone to bone or soft tissue to bone. They are intended as fixation posts, a distribution bridge, or for distributing suture tension over areas of ligament or tendon repair specifically, for ACL repair

Arthrex recommends the use of #2 or #5 FiberWire or equivalent with the Suture Button.

In Perfect sealed condition but but past expiration date. Not for human use in the US.

Expiration dates have mostly to do with sterilization and not the integrity of the product. The manufacturers sterilize the products after they are packaged and it lasts so many years. The only products we caution customers about are ones that are absorbable or drug coated.

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