Although in pool underwater treadmills do not have the flexibility and therapeutic modalities of self contained systems, it is an alternative for customers with limited budgets.

AquaGaiter drop in Underwater Treadmill System is a perfect addition to any facility wanting to offer rehabilitation, conditioning, or wellness. The combination of traditional treadmill training with the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and heat) offers great benefits. Aquatic therapy improves post-surgical recovery. It is proven to reduce swelling and inflammation in joints. Buoyancy gives your patients’ confidence and balance in each and every step. The low-impact, high resistance workout that the AquaGaiter water treadmill System provides can benefit many of your patients. It offers a cutting-edge treatment to your customer, and will quickly become a profit center for your facility.

We have added pictures of a Refurbished Aquagaiter that is going to one of our customers in Hong Kong. The pictures were taken by our supplier who did not have time to stage them and make sure nothing was in the background. Hopefully you can see the quality of the work that goes into refurbishing the equipment.