The Aquaciser II model is the system available in the secondary marketplace. The systems are completely refurbished, include installation and come with a 6-month warranty. Refurbished systems are half the cost of new.

Technical Specifications for both Aquaciser II/III
Dimensions: 102 in x 103 in x 65 in
Weight with water: 5,260 lb.
Water capacity: 365 gal
Floor Loading: 75lb/ft2 34 kg/m2
Drain size: 3” 8 cm
Treadmill speed: 0 – 8 mph, Aquaciser III Speed 0- 9.9 mph
Electrical single-phase: 240 V

Two clear windows for viewing gait, and six jets facilitate healing. Also, the combination of the jets and belt movement eliminate the head-forward gait which is present in normal pool exercises, so the patient can walk with correct posture. There is also safety handles and an emergency stop button and drain.

Overseas Customers: I have discussed with our supplier the possibility of providing Aquaciser underwater treadmills to customers in the export markets. The systems have to be installed and become part of your facility. It is not feasible or cost effective for our supplier to install the systems outside the Southeast United States.
The only way it will work is to provide the systems at a reduced cost in good working condition.
We would provide detailed instructions on installation which would include a set number of hours of technician time with our supplier.
We would also include the tools needed for installation.

The main objective is to provide a quality product at a reduced price for the export markets. Something that would work for all parties