The AMO Sovereign Compact Phaco System is a full-featured system in an affordable, space-saving package that ensures chamber stability through advanced digital fluidics.
Advanced digital fluidics for excellent control and chamber stability
Continuously monitors and controls intraocular conditions for elegant cutting, even at 5% power
Programmable occlusion mode virtually eliminates surges, even at high settings
Enhanced user interface for ease of use
Easy one-touch prime and tune
Wide range of programmable power options

The AMO Sovereign Compact Phaco System is thoroughly gone through in a step by step process with a checklist by a factory trained technician and brought up to manufacturer specifications.

System comes with Footswitch, 2 Phaco and 1 Vitrectomy Handpiece, Copies of Manuals

Perfect for the export markets-system can be boxed and shipped by Fedex and is portable can be used in multiple locations.

Less than half the cost of a new system.

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