Alcon Infiniti Vision System

Anticipating Every Move. Now That’s Smart

Optimize cataract surgery outcomes with the Alcon Infiniti Vision System. Now featuring OZil Intelligent Phaco software upgrades, the INFINITI Vision System puts optimized OZil torsional emulsification at your fingertips. With enhanced fluidic management and surgical control, the INFINITI Vision System delivers the strategic advantage in customized phaco procedures.

Alcon INFINITI Vision System Features

Energy SolutionsFluidicsMicro-CoaxialErgonomics
OZil® Torsional HandpieceFluidic Management System (FMS)INTREPID® Micro-Coaxial SystemStaff-Friendly Console
Custom Power ModulationsCustom Fluidics SoftwareTorsional Phaco with Micro-CoaxialTouchscreen Design
INTREPID® Micro-Coaxial SystemEnhanced Footswitch
Remote Control

Alcon Infiniti Vision System Greater Phaco Efficiency

The unique OZil Torsional Handpiece is the only phaco device that features side-to-side oscillating ultrasonic movement. The result is a wide range of exceptional benefits during phacoemulsification procedures.

Reduces Repulsion
Ultrasonic oscillations cut lens material using a shearing effect
Eliminates repulsion associated with traditional ultrasound induced by the jackhammer effect
Side-to-side movement increases cutting efficiency by emulsifying lens material with both directions of movement1,2,3,4

Improves Followability
Lack of repulsion facilitates occlusion and effective delivery of energy into nuclear fragments
Decreases time to remove lens material3,4
Improves followability3,5 and decreases dispersion of nuclear fragments during emulsification6
Reduces irrigation fluid consumption5 and increases your surgical efficiency
Less dependence on excessively high fluidics7,8

Improves Thermal Safety Profile
Operates at cooler temperatures than traditional ultrasound9,10,11
Allows the use of sealed incisions and continuous torsional modes12

Alcon Infiniti System Includes 2 Ozil Handpieces, Current Software, Manual

Less than half the cost of a new system.

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