Air Shields C-100 Infant Incubator-As Is Working

Air Shields C-100 Infant Incubator has a forced air circulation system that permits stable temperature control, uniform heat distribution, humidification, protection from airborne contaminants and control of oxygen concentrations. The Air Shields C-100 Infant Incubator instrumentation includes digital temperature display and relative indication of heat output. A comprehensive visual and audible alarm system includes an alarm-test feature.

Nominal Dimensions (with cabinet stand) of Air Shields C-100 Infant Incubator :

Air Shields C-100 Infant Incubator Height 137 cm, 55 in Width 116 cm, 46 in Depth 56 cm, 22 in

Mattress Area Width of Air Shields C100 Infant Incubator :

64 cm, 25 in Depth 36 cm, 14 in

Vertical Hood to Mattress Distance:

39 cm, 15 in Hood Access

Door Height:

31 cm, 15 cm Width 85 cm, 34 in

Hand Ports:

6 Tubing Ports 2 Oxygen Capability

Accessory Humidity Capability Standard

Air Range 20° – 38°C, increments of 0.1°C Skin Range 34° – 37.9°C, increments of 0.1°C

Temperature Displays Air and Skin Digital LED increments of 0.1°C Over Infant

Air Standard Alarms:

High Air Temperature Standard Low Air Temperature Standard High Skin Temperature Standard Low Skin Temperature Standard Temperature Sensor Failure Standard Power Failure Standard

Air Flow Failure Standard Alarm Test Automatic

Variable Height Adjustment:

Low Range Height 127 cm, 50 in High Range Height 148 cm, 58 in

Mattress Height Range:

Low 88 cm, 34.5 in High 109 cm, 43 in

Total Weight 141 kg, 310 lbs

The incubators are coming from our surgical supplier. They are one of the largest providers of As Is Working equipment in the US. They ship container loads of As Is Working equipment on a weekly basis. We work directly with the president of our surgical supplier and have been doing so for over 26 years.

The incubators are in good esthetic condition and would be checked by a trained technician to be in working order.

If you would like to see more information on our surgical supplier please watch the video below: