87SR0404: Wright Medical Pro Dense Injectable Kit 4cc
(1) Implant Kit
(1) Instrument Kit

Part # 87SR0404 Exp 7/16

The first and only regenerative bone graft substitute cleared for use in treating benign bone cysts and lesions in skeletally immature patients.

87SR0404: Wright Medical Pro Dense Injectable Kit is a synthetic biomaterial, combining the bone forming capabilities of calcium sulfate with calcium phosphate. The combination results in a composite graft that is delivering where other materials may fall short.

Intra-operative strength

Approximately 40MPa initial compressive strength (at 2 hours, wet conditions)*

Reliable/consistent resorption

50% slower than pure calcium sulfate

87SR0404: Wright Medical Pro Dense Injectable Kit Composite Makeup

75% CaSO4
Primary osteoconductive filler
Resorbs first primarily through simple dissolution to allow early vascular infiltration

25% CaPO4

(brushite and granular TCP)
Osteoclastic resorption
Secondary porous scaffold that is resorbed after primary filler
TCP granules are resorbed in the third and final phase

In Perfect sealed condition but past expiration date. Not for human use in the US.

Expiration dates have mostly to do with sterilization and not the integrity of the product. The manufacturers sterilize the products after they are packaged and it lasts so many years. The only products we caution customers about are ones that are absorbable or drug coated.

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